Taramasalata (fish roe salad) is a very well-known Greek starter made from fish eggs (roe) and potatoes or bread. Taramasalata is a puree or a paste and is usually eaten cold with bread.
The colour of Taramasalata is pink, more rarely white-beige to light brown. The colour depends on the fish species from which the roe comes. Simple Taramasalata is mostly pink, more expensive variants are often beige. In Greece fish eggs from cod or carp are mainly used.

The roe is mixed with homemade mashed potatoes or usually breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs). Other ingredients are olive oil, sometimes lemon juice, onion and pepper. Salt is not needed for the Greek fish roe salad with eggs of sea fish, because they already contain a lot of salt. You should take care to add as much potatoes or bread until the puree sticks to the fork or spoon.

I was very happy when I discovered Tarama in the local weekly markets and was able to make my childhood favourite starter! but beware: how many Greek cuisine dishes is this starter olive oil* and lemon juice heavy! Who has a sensitive stomach and does not tolerate so much fat and/or acid could adjust the amounts accordingly. But for me the recipe is perfect!


140 gr red fish roe
75 ml lemon juice
190 ml olive oil*
190 gr bread or toast
1 medium onion


Soak the old bread or rolls in water until it is completely moist. Press the water out of the bread (I take pieces of bread in my hand and press them as far as possible into my hand until no more water runs through my fingers).  Put the bread aside.

Peel the onion and chop coarsely. Place the Tarama in a chopper or blender with some of the lemon juice and mix briefly. Add the remaining ingredients and puree until a homogeneous paste is obtained. It is not necessary to season Taramasalata, because Tarama is already very salty.

Enjoy Taramasalata with fresh or toasted bread. Have fun cooking and enjoying!

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