The spicy dip comes from the Slovak-Austrian cuisine. Its name derives from the Liptau region in northern Slovakia. The “original” Liptauer is made with Brimsen (salted sheep’s cheese). In the Heurigen kitchen, however, quark is usually used instead.


50 g butter
250 g curd cheese (curd cheese or brim)
1/2 onion(s), very finely chopped
50 g pickled gherkin(s), very finely chopped
1 1/2 tbsp paprika powder, sweet
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp anchovy paste, optional
1 tsp tomato paste, optional
1 TL capers, chopped, optional
1 tsp chives, optional
1 Msp. chili powder, optional
1 pepperoni, pickled, very finely chopped, optional
1/2 garlic clove(s), optional
salt and pepper


Mix the butter and curd well (no butter clots should remain in the mixture). Add the finely chopped onion, pickled gherkins and mustard and mix well.

Now add the paprika powder bit by bit until the mixture is really nice orange.

The optional ingredients can be added to taste.

Season with salt and pepper.

The “original” Liptauer is made in Austria with Brimsen. This is cream cheese made from sheep’s milk. But since you don’t always get it, you usually use curd cheese.

Liptauer is a traditional bread spread, which you get at every Heuriger (wine bar), where every Heuriger has its own recipe.

Tastes good with lye pastries, brown bread and as a dip for savoury pastries and pretzel sticks.