Why you should try our Healthy Power Cabbage braised with Minced Meat recipe? Cabbage is full of vitamins and is said to help against various diseases. Folk medicine has known this for a long time. In the meantime, however, scientists have also attested that vegetables have a healing effect. Cabbage is currently experiencing a renaissance.


In ancient Greece and Rome, people used cabbage to relieve abdominal pain in women. The Roman statesman Cato the Elder described the plant as a panacea 2000 years ago.


Aristotle allegedly ate the vegetables to counteract the hangover when he had drunk too much. And the church scholar and healer Albertus Magnus discovered that cabbage helped with ulcers and gout. The vegetables were also used to cleanse the skin and blood.




Cabbage is rich in vitamins and calcium



Cabbage contains a large number of vitamins that a person’s body needs. 100 grams of white cabbage contain the same amount of vitamin C as a glass of orange juice. If you eat 250 grams of vegetables, you have covered your daily requirements. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts provide even more vitamin C than white cabbage.

Vitamins A, B, E and K are also found in cabbage, as are the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium. If you want to consume iron, you do not necessarily need to eat meat. They can also eat cabbage. With our Healthy Power Cabbage braised with Minced Meat Recipe you get the double dose iron.







500 g minced beef

1 onion

2 cloves garlic

1 kg white cabbage

tomato puree

Salt and pepper, black

some sauce thickener






Brown the minced meat until it is crumbly. Dice the onion, press the garlic through a garlic press and add both to the minced meat when it is brown. Continue frying until the onion is golden brown. Cut the white cabbage into coarse cubes and add to the minced meat. Continue frying until the cabbage is lightly browned. Add approx. 3 tablespoons tomato puree (if not there, I take tomato ketchup as an alternative) and fry with it. Add about 1 litre of water and season with salt and pepper. Close the lid and simmer on a low flame for about 30 minutes. Bind with sauce thickener.


Serve with boiled potatoes.


As a variant you can also add diced raw potatoes and cook as a stew. Tastes like cabbage roulades, but requires less work.


If you want to know more about the health benefits of cabbage, have a look at the 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD EAT CABBAGE



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