If you are looking for a quick, healthy and delicious meal, you should try our chicken curry with mango and vegetables.
The curry powder got its name from the Tamil word “kari”, which literally means spice sauce or spice mixture. Originally it meant a kind of stew or ragout that was served with satiating foods such as bread or rice.
For our chicken curry with mango and vegetables recipe, we use the yellow curry paste but we also enjoy recipes with red curry paste.



For the chicken curry with mango and vegetables recipe we use:

400 g chicken breast
1 onion
2 peppers, red and yellow
1 m.-sized zucchini
1 Mango, fresh
½ Can/n coconut milk, creamy
150 ml vegetable broth
3 tsp curry paste, yellow
1 tsp tomato paste
salt and pepper
1 tbsp coconut oil



Cut the vegetables and mango into cubes. Dice the chicken breast as well.

Heat the coconut oil in a pan and fry the onions with the chicken pieces. Season with salt and pepper. After a few minutes, add the curry paste and fry a little.

Now add the pepper and zucchini cubes and fry a little too. Then deglaze with the vegetable stock and coconut milk and bring to the boil while stirring.

Add the tomato paste and stir again. Simmer for 5 minutes.
In the last minutes stir in the mango cubes and warm up. Serve with rice and enjoy your chicken curry with mango and vegetables.

For the Low Carb variant, cauliflower “rice” can go with it or you can simply eat it pure.


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