Brewing beer has long been a complex and rather niche hobby. LG wants to change that with the HomeBrew. This machine brews the cold drink at the push of a button.
The LG HomeBrew lets us enjoy beer at the touch of a button – at least that’s the plan. Will that work?

Coffee capsules have been around for ages, and many people appreciate the comfort of being able to enjoy one of the hot beverages they love at any time. LG now seems to want to apply this convenience to beer drinking as well – and perhaps even put a stop to crate dragging. With the HomeBrew, the manufacturer is showing a capsule-based device for brewing beer at CES 2019. HomeBrew has already won the CES Innovation Award 2019, which is awarded in the run-up to the gigantic electronics trade fair. After all. But can the device really replace going to the supermarket? eKitchen shows what customers can expect from the LG HomeBrew.


LG HomeBrew: Brewing beer at home a breeze?

Until now, brewing beer required a comparatively complex process, patience and the right equipment. To make a beer taste good, the ingredients go through various steps. Fermentation, carbonation and maturation have to be finely tuned to each other in order for the result to fit. Instead, LG Homebrew relies on disposable capsules that automate these processes. This means that an algorithm controls the temperature and pressure during the brewing process. With malt, help and aromatic hop oil, the manufacturer promises that constant beer results are guaranteed at the touch of a button. Even the cleaning of the machine is automated, here hot water disinfects the machine. Initially, there are five types of beer to choose from, but major brand names have not yet been announced.

  • American IPA
  • American Pale Ale
  • English Stout
  • Witbeer in Belgian style
  • Pils in Czech style


How long does it take to brew beer in the LG HomeBrew?

If we write “At the touch of a button,” that might be an exaggeration. It really doesn’t take much more to start the brewing process – until the first beer can be brewed, but it still takes some time. It takes about two weeks before up to five litres of beer are ready. So it’s an actual brewing process and not just a mere infusion of substances that imitate the properties of beer (such as the quite tangy Sodastream Blondie).


LG HomeBrew: Price and availability

At the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the LG Homebrew will be on display for the first time to the general public. So far, however, the manufacturer has not announced a launch date. Also a possible price is not fixed yet.


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