Chicken Kiev is a famous dish that is often found in Eastern European cuisine. Read here which ingredients you need, how the classic dish succeeds and what you have to consider when preparing Kiev chicken.
Chicken Kiev is a stuffed and breaded piece of chicken that is usually associated with the Ukrainian capital because of its name, although it does not come from Kiev. Where chicken Kiev actually comes from, however, was never clarified and many stories entwine around its origin. The Ukrainians, of course, claim that it was their invention. Others think that the Russians had the idea for the chicken Kiev and others say that it was made in New York.
What is certain, however, is that the crispy poultry dish is now on the menus of many Ukrainian and Russian restaurants and, wherever invented, has become a true classic.

Chicken Kiev: Butter filling

Unlike the visually similar Cordon Bleu, a Kiev chicken is neither filled with ham nor cheese. Inside there is a classic butter-dill mixture. It should be well chilled and firm so that it can be easily filled into the chicken pieces.

Today chicken Kiev is also often prepared with other herbs. Many recipes also include a mixture of herbs. Since all other ingredients of the chicken Kiev are quite neutral, there are no herbs that would not fit. So you can design the filling according to your taste.

Crispy breading

In addition to the filling, another trademark of the Kiev chicken is its crispy breading. The chicken is first turned in flour, then in egg and then in breadcrumbs. A normal breading, but after breading the chicken is stored in the fridge for another two hours. It should be cool when it gets into the hot fat and becomes particularly crispy.

Ingredients for 4 portions:

4 chicken breasts (without skin, with wing bones)

200 g cold butter

1 bunch fresh dill


freshly ground black pepper

2 tbsp flour

2 eggs (whisked)

100 g breadcrumbs

Oil or clarified butter for deep frying


Basically, the preparation of chicken Kiev is not particularly difficult. The only hook is often the wing bone, which according to the original recipe is still on the chicken breasts. This makes it possible to eat Kiev chicken by hand and is therefore very practical. The plating of the meat becomes a bit more cumbersome. That’s why chicken Kiev can be found more and more often boneless.

No matter which variant you choose, after the flat beating, the chicken is only salted and peppered, filled with the butter mixture, breaded and is then ready for preparation after it has been cooled again. Make sure that the chicken pieces are tightly closed so that no butter can escape during frying. You can also use kitchen thread or roulade needles.

The easiest way to make chicken Kiev is in the deep fryer. Alternatively, you can fry it with a lot of fat in the pan and then cook it in the oven until it is done.

Chicken Kiev is ready when the breading is golden brown. When the panande is golden brown, the liquid butter should flow onto the plate.