Brisket’s from the brisket. The brisket comes from England, but also goes well with an American BBQ. Together with the Pulled Pork and the Spareribs, the Brisket has become part of the Holy Trinity of the barbecue. The striking feature of the brisket is its size. In addition, the brisket has a very nice meat fibre similar to a flank steak.

Brisket is only available at the butcher’s

If you would like to grill such a beautiful piece of meat, you must contact the butcher or butcher you trust. Then you tell him that you want a whole breast of beef.

Normally you get the beef breast pre-portioned at the butcher, suitable for soup meat or minced meat. But we don’t want that in this case. Just tell your butcher or butcher that you want the whole breast of beef and that you want to make a brisket. Most butchers will already know.

Parry the meat before grilling

Before the brisket can be marinated, we must first parry it. Parrying means removing fat and tendons from the piece of meat. To marinate, we use a sunflower oil and a BBQ marinade.

Make your own marinade

The marinade contains salt, pepper, garlic, onion granules, a little rosemary, thyme, mustard and flour. We marinate the meat with it.

After marinating, we let the brisket steep for about two to three hours. Only then do we place the brisket on the smoker. We smoke the brisket in the smoker for a total of eight hours.

This is the brisket. This is BBQ pure. That’s how it must taste. Sensational.

Barbecued Beef Brisket Recipe

Working time: approx. 15 min.
Cooking/baking time: approx. 8 hrs.
Rest time: approx. 3 hrs.


2 kg beef breast, (brisket), up to 3 kg

6 tablespoons sunflower oil

2 tbsp sea salt

2 tbsp cane sugar

2 tbsp paprika powder

2 tbsp chili powder

2 tablespoons pepper, black, from the mill

2 tbsp onion powder

2 tbsp garlic powder


Remove the fat and tendons from the beef breast, but leave the fat cover on the outside. Mix a Rub from the spices. Then rub the top of the meat with sunflower oil and season vigorously with the prepared BBQ-Rub. Then turn around and oil and season the other side as well. Now the meat should be cooked for 2-3 hours before it reaches the grill or smoker.

After the resting period, place the beef breast and a good handful of smoking chips on the grill or in the smoker and close the lid immediately. The meat should be grilled at a constant temperature of 110-115 degrees Celsius. This makes the brisket nice and tender. In the first 1.5 hours regularly add smoking chips. The meat should grill altogether approx. 8 hours, depending upon meat strength. Towards the end make a pressure test, the meat should feel soft-elastic.

Let the brisket rest for a while after grilling. Before serving, the brisket is sliced and then put into the oven to sodden with sweet barbecue sauce.